As a MOONBYS C-Recruit, you have one of the most vital jobs within our ecosystem. As a customer, you are the soul of our platform, without you, VForces would not have a job. As part of the CForces you also get access to many opportunities, rewards and training. You will be able to trade rewards for benefits, prizes and more.


As a MOONBYS C-Corporal, you should be able to browse stores and their offers. You should also be familiar with the checkout process and how to find good deals. As a C-Corporal you also get access to new training materials and opportunities.

3 Requirements


As a MOONBYS C-Sergeant you now have experience finding great deals. You now have access to more discounts throughout the year and you have access to special promotions. You can also get more badges, more NFTs and more unique rewards.

3 Requirements


As a MOONBYS C-Captain, you are one of the most reliable and outperforming members of our ecosystem. You have contributed in different ways and have helped the VForces to grow. You are highly appreciated and can expect amazing rewards.

2 Requirements

  • Make five purchases
  • Earn 75 Moongems


As a MOONBYS C-Commander, you have achieved all ranks and have completed many missions. You should also have collected many rewards and are now eligible for even more opportunities. You will now have access to special sections in our ecosystem and you will be able to earn exclusive NFTs, badges and discounts.

2 Requirements

  • Make ten purchases
  • Earn 100 Moongems