The MOONBYS Game has been designed to get you involved in ecommerce and mostly to have some fun.

This game also gives you different opportunities for earning discounts, coupons, credits and other real assets within our ecosystem.

The following are a set of basic rules for joining and playing our game.

  1. Always respect others
    • Do not abuse, harass or threaten others
    • Do not impersonate other customers or vendors
    • Do not expose other user identities
  2. Do not cheat
    • Do not use tools to alter or falsify your location
    • Any other activity that violates MOONBYS’ Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Payment Terms
  3. Avoid Inappropriate Content
    • Sexual or pornographic content
    • Obscenities or derogatory content
    • Content that promotes illegal activity
    • Content that is meant to harass others or abuse them
  4. Have fun!