Roor 250 Blue Series


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Glass Bong

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Roor bongs are the ultimate smoking equipment.

The Blue Series Roor glass bongs have a brilliant craftsmanship and they are an amazing value for your  money.

This Roor Bong 250 can hold 250ml of smoke, it is 2.5mm thick and has a joint size of 14.5mm

Made in Germany, these water pipes are sought after by smokers who want the best.

By choosing a Roor glass bong you are not choosing just any product you are making a statement about your lifestyle, your objectives and your status.

Known by many as the Rolex of smoking pipes, the Roor Blue Series allows the user to gain a knowledge of a superior product, at a price that won’t break the bank.

These bongs can stand the test of time, they are long lasting, strong and very well made.

With sci-glass on glass ground joints nothing comes between you and your smoke, no contaminants or oxidisation from the inert glass used in the manufacture of every component.

  • 3 part water pipe
  • ground joint: 14.5mm
  • glass thickness: 3mm
  • special features: hexagon base

***This product is only shipped within the UK