As a MOONBYS Vendor Recruit, you have one of the most interesting and important jobs within our ecosystem. Without you, there would be nothing to offer in our marketplace. As a VForce Recruit, you also get access to many opportunities, rewards, business tools and training. You will be expected to comply with some standards and values, but you will also have free time to participate with other members of our forces and community.


As a MOONBYS VCorporal, you are now a leader in our ecosystem. Whether you are purchasing something or using your own online store, as a Corporal you are now familiar with our platform and are capable of accomplishing more achievements. As a VCorporal, you also get access to new training materials and opportunities.

3 Requirements


As a MOONBYS VSergeant you now have more authority. As a customer, you can get more discounts throughout the year and as a vendor, you can accomplish more things with your own online shop. You now have access to advanced training resources, more high level business tools, badges, NFTs and unique rewards.


As a MOONBYS VCaptain, you are an expert in getting around our ecosystem. Some members of our forces admire you and some will look at you for guidance and mentorship. Your knowledge now allows you to provide valuable services, products and support.


As a MOONBYS VCommander, you have already escalated through the ranks and you are at the top. You are a widely reckoned force within our ecosystem and you have access to special online tools.  As a VCommander, some forces may depend on your decisions and skills. You are capable of maintaining a high level of operational business and enforce the professional standards of our community. Unique badges, rewards, NFTs and VIP opportunities are within your reach.

3 Requirements